Monday, December 26, 2005

Now the world is gone I’m just one

On the first day of X-Mas, the intertron gave to meeeee...

A hastily concieved blogging pro-ject!

So here's the deal: After being subjected to the "Continuous X-Mas music from Halloween until Groundhog's Day" radio station yesterday, while they ran what must have been an hour-long block of 12 Days of X-Mas parodies and whatall, I'm going to try some cheap imitation and blog a dozen days in a row over the holiday season. Naturally, I'll be doing it in the form of a shoddy "12 Days" song.

No, I'm not coming up with 364 different links of stuff for you to look at. (For those of you unable to pass the extremely scientific interweb version of an 8th Grade math test, 364 is the total number of gifts in the song... or at least it would be if you counted 224 birds shitting all over everything as a "gift.")
I'm doing good to have the verses be reasonably singable. Of course the song would suck, but then again so does my singing voice. Sure, I can sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" as good or better than Harry Caray, and I can belt out a drunken sea-chantey like nobody's business... but have you ever heard a white man sing "Respect?"
Well, if you have, you know that you shouldn't.

Incidentally, If this is a Twelve Days of X-Mas thing... why did I wait until the 26th to start the thing? According to Snopes, who I'm told are rather adept at ferreting out the truth of strange information, the actual 12 Days of X-Mas are the days between the birth of the late J.C. and the coming of the three ragheads on Jan 6th - referred to as the epiphany (probably because they were all stoned out of their minds with all that frankincense and myrrh)

So here's to blogging projects! Hopefully I'll make it through all twelve days, and not fall apart after a week like those hosers, the McKenzie Brothers. Happy Boxing Day, eh.


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