Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh boy, pico de gallo! They sure don't make it like this in Ohio

Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back in!

Those magnificent bastards at Taco Bell are making a massive push to keep chipotle in the limelight. With their new grilled "stuft" chipotle burrito or whatever bizarro name they're calling it, the purple-clad taco-slingers are providing more evidence for the observations I made this spring:
Ad agents have chipotle-adopted a chipotle adjective and are chipotle-hammering it home.
Strictly as an aside... can anyone explain unto me the need for the painful spelling of "stuft." Okay, so "stuffed" is a longer word, but damn already. So yes, you get 10 points for not going with "shuvd" or "fil'd" but you still lose several thousand for looking like jackasses regardless.

If it wasn't for the intensely awesomeness of the Mountain Dew Baja Blast and the infinite free refills, I'd stop patronizing the Bell for a while. Seriously, Taco Bell, thank your corporate overlords at PepsiCo for buying the company and forcing me to eat there if I want my tasty beverage. How they knew I was a sucker for anything lime-related, I have no idea... I suspect my neighbor's dog though.

Disclaimer: So I'm more than a bit biased towards the Bell here. They did keep me fed all throughout my freshman year of college when the damn dining hall stopped serving dinner at 6pm, so I probably owe them my life. That being said, the aforementioned "kramd" burrito provides one with 83% of their daily sodium allowance... which is pretty frightening, because it makes the "Demolition Man" version of the future a little more possible. On the other hand, can you think of a tastier way to go about getting those 1980mg of sodium? I didn't think so. (and 1980 was a fucking great year, so there's that too)


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