Saturday, December 17, 2005

The city’s her slave, he’s cheating his mistress

Hot off the presses, here's the latest entry into the "No Fucking Shit" files: (via AP/Breitbart)

Annan Tells Bush Iraq Vote Went Well

WASHINGTON - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told President Bush Friday that he was pleased with the vote in Iraq as they discussed ways in which the international community could provide help in Iraq, the White House said. Annan told Bush that violence in Iraq was low, voter turnout was high and that the Iraqi people had cleared another hurdle "on the road to democracy," said Federick Jones, spokesman for the National Security Council.

Golly, Kofi, how can you really be sure about the vote going so smoothly? I mean, seriously, it must be hard to get a good view from way the hell in the back seat there. The UN hasn't done jack shit in Iraq since they bugged out of there like little pussies after one fucking car bomb took out a couple security guards last year.
Is there anything at all the UN can point to that they actually did to improve the situation in Iraq, or lead to increasing stability? Not "No," but "Hell No." They dragged their feet for nine months before combat operations even began... (because, you know, Saddam just needed one more
two more eighty-twelve more last chances) and that was when they were being cooperative.

One car bomb, that's all it took for Kofi "Oil-For-Food-For-Massive-Slushfund-Cash" Annan to pull the plug on Iraq, and abandon the people to the wolves. Granted, that's typical UN protocol for dealing with people who don't have any feasible method of bribery...
Honestly, I'm not so sure the Iraqi voters were dipping the correct finger into purple ink. I'm thinking it should have been the middle one.
Annan and Bush also discussed the status of the investigation into the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, as well as ways to help end ongoing violence in the Sudan's war torn Darfur region.
Now, I'm no international relations expert or anything, but may I make just a teensy suggestion here? Perhaps if the "Peacekeeper" troops the UN sent to conflict regions actually, you know, were empowered to keep the peace, that might be a start. Also, if they actually acted responsibly with that power, instead of oh, say, wantonly raping and pillaging the area like fucking Leif Ericsson... that also might be a step in the right direction too.

Look, I know that it's not an easy thing to get a handle on, so maybe you'll want to CC Kojo in on this one; I hear he's quite an accomplished business professional nowadays. At the very least, he'll be able to hook a brother up with some of that "mayonnaise-For-Teen-Ass" action, right?

Update: Iraqi voter Betty Dawisha, on what made the first free elections in decades possible. "Anybody that doesn't appreciate what America has done - and President Bush, let them go to hell."

Purple Finger - Check.
Middle Finger - Check.

I love this woman. She's like the Iraqi version of "The Fruitcake Lady." Michael Moore or Mommy Sheehan wouldn't last ten seconds against a firebrand like Ms. Dawisha. Anyway, I'd heard this audio clip on the radio as part of election coverage, but it turns out The Political Teen has the video.


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