Monday, March 14, 2005

I can mix numbers up and combine them, I can take them apart and align them

Good news in the war on stupidity: I'm not likely to be a victim of friendly fire. Yes friends, after years of hard study at a reputable institution of higher education, I can now pass an 8th grade math test.
Bask in my awesome congruence, mortals! (and remember - without ME, it would just be "aweso.")

You know, the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I am about being in a position to not draw anyone's fire (not that I'm all that good of an artist) so I think I'll say something "cutting" and "controversial" just to stir the pot. Liketohearithereitgo: The concept of math rock really intrigues me. With its insanity-inducing complexity and oddball time signatures, it's like prog on meth... however, almost all the math rock bands recommended to me suck. The only group of the aforementioned I liked was Dillinger Escape Plan, and they're just as much metal as they are math... so I'm not sure if that completely qualifies.
So yes, I'm quite disappointed with math rock's effort, but still hold out hope for its concept.

Speaking of disappointed (but not math rock) I can neither afford to make it to the Elvis Costello (travel time) nor Aimee Mann (work) shows this week. What's stupid is that they're so close - Tulsa and Big D, respectively.
I've still never seen Elvis in person, something I'd like to do before either one of us die... don't kack off on me just yet, Declan! His newer stuff seems to be more along the lines of his "classic" tracks. Check out the recently released remaster of This Year's Model, if you doubt me.
I always loved Till Tuesday, and was fucking amazed by Aimee's last studio album, Lost In Space. If you love the 80s as I do, you could find a worse place to spend ten bucks. As an added bonus, all the album art was done by Seth, an imminently talented indie comic artist known mostly for his book Palooka-ville.
Ms Mann (hehe, irony = comedy) has a new disc due in stores on May 3, and this being a concept album, I'm quite intrigued to hear what she's going to do.

Anyway, now that I've spleened what passes for my inner music geek, I should wrap this up with something witty about the (nominal) subject of the post... hmmm...
In my 8th grade algebra class, my friend Mike Z. drew a picture of a Phlegm McMuffin. Now, I have no concrete proof of this, but my working theorem is that without that image seared in my brain, I wouldn't stand a chance of passing the test in the link above. So thanks Mike for helping me slam-dunk what MSN thinks 8th graders should know. I'm sure that it didn't help me much to draw boobies with the bubbles on the Scantron instead of actually trying to answer the questions...
Ha! I crack me up.


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i love Aimee Mann

1:09 PM, March 18, 2005  

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