Saturday, December 31, 2005

Jam ya up and take your arms off, I hit you twice with tha sawed-off

On the Sixth day of Kiss-Moose, my internet girlfriend gave to me:

Six A-Capella Wookies

There are no other words needed to describe this than the following four, and if you are not immediately compelled to click upon their linky herald, then you have no soul. No fucking soul AT ALL!

Behind the above link, you will find the following: Chewbacca singing "Silent Night."

Five Gooo-hoooold Ringtones
Four Minutes of Jibba-Jabba
Three Absolutely Unexpected Violent Incidents
Two Turtle Dentists
And A Hastily-concieved blogging project!

NB: You'll need Quicktime, so if you don't roll with my homey Gates on the XP tip, then it sucks to be you, G.


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