Thursday, August 11, 2005

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart

While I'm sitting here paitently, waiting for Terrel Owens to do something characteristically stupid with all his newfound free time, Santa dropped a beauty of a story in my lap. (Thanks, Fox Sports! you made my day.)

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Police said heavyweight boxer Clifford Etienne held up a check cashing business, fired a shot when a clerk failed to move fast enough and pulled a gun on officers as he tried [to] carjack two different vehicles with children inside.

Etienne, who took up boxing while serving a prison sentence for armed robbery, was arrested Wednesday night as he tried to escape when the car he was driving ran up on a curb.

Iron Mike might be cooling his heels hocking Corn-Nuts in O-re-gon or whatever, but it's nice to see the "Sport of Kings" is carrying on the proud traditions he stands for.

Kelly said Etienne tried to fire twice, but the gun malfunctioned.

The gun's not all that was malfunctionin' that day...

While serving a 40-year sentence at two Louisiana prisons, Etienne won the state prison boxing championship. He was paroled in 1998 after serving 10 years and became a professional boxer.

Let's not throw words like "professional" around so carelessly, shall we? Especially considering his claim to fame, below...

He is best known for being knocked out by Mike Tyson in 49 seconds in 2003.

At least Cliffy lasted longer than 49 seconds this time... no pay-per-view revenues on this one though.


Anonymous Rachel from the land of Oz said...

My father owns and is President of The World Boxing Foundation and would NEVER sanction anyone like that for a title fight. Sure there are some shady characters in the boxing field, that's just part of the parcel, but scum like that? No way.


8:44 PM, August 11, 2005  

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