Wednesday, August 10, 2005

But you're caught in your own glory. You're believing your own stories.

From the Washington Times:

Lori, who for two years has overseen the detention center's library, said J.K. Rowling's tales about the boy wizard are on top of the request list for the camp's 520 al Qaeda and Taliban suspects, followed by Agatha Christie whodunits.

"We've got a few who are kind of hooked on it. A couple have asked if they can see the movie," said Lori, a civilian contractor who asked that her last name not be publicized.

What, no Harry Potter screenings? It's a GUUUUUUUUUU-LAG!

While it's all well and good to make fun of weird shit like this, there's a couple of noteworthy things that get overlooked in this article. For one, doesn't the Koran forbid books promoting witchcraft? These sick fucks that don't mind beating the shit out of little kids for flying kites or shooting women for being outside without a male relative are all high and mighty about adhering to Islam when it suits them. Behind closed doors however, it's entirely another story. What a sack of hypocrite assbags.

The other point of note that doesn't get a mention, only a bit of subterfuge is the final paragraph of the article. "The library bans certain book categories, such as ones that deal in political thought."
Hello? What the fuck is the Koran, if not a manual of political thought? Over and over again, it tells people in ridiculous detail exactly how to live thier lives. Not just religious things like when to pray or how to do it, but what they should think about other people and how to treat them. It stifles free speech and independant thought. It calls for the oppression or murder of everyone in the world that's not a muslim male. What is all that, if not a (fucked up) political ideology?

It has a series of rules about wiping your own ass, for crying out loud.

I can almost go with them on banning neckties. Those things are uncomfortable as hell and, for the most part, rather ugly. However, anyone that wants to tell me how to wipe my ass can go fuck themselves. And no, you're not going to watch Harry Potter on my dime, either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Koran even dictates how the book should be held: always with two hands, etc. Just some food for thought.

7:27 PM, August 10, 2005  
Anonymous Rachel from the land of Oz said...

Christ! That sucks. I spent a year in hospital/rehab after my accident and we had a POOR excuse for a library (full of crappy books that can't even be sold at secondhand sales as well as 10-year-old magazines), and there was one computer for all the patients to share that didn't even work properly. I always think it's funny when people complain about prison conditions because all of their complaints are the same as the ones I had about my rehab centre, but it seems like the boys at Gitmo are allowed more liberties than civilians dealing with a spinal cord injury.

10:40 PM, August 10, 2005  
Anonymous Jeremiah Beckles said...

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8:57 AM, December 25, 2005  

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