Thursday, June 23, 2005

All in all is all we are

I've held off commenting on Dick Turban and his dumbass "G'itmo is a Gulag" comments until now because he's just trolling for publicity. His stupid remarks were no different than a troll on a message board or chatroom that says something outrageous to draw attention to themselves, and I try pretty hard not to encourage those types... sometimes I even succeed.

But senator Turban's halfassed "apology" yesterday has really gotten me pissed off. True, it's just the next link in a long chain of slimy non-apologies from the left that blame the offended for being insulted... but Durbin's pseudo-apology was an odious new low. The meat of his rapid backpedaling was this weaselly comment:

"I'm sorry if anything that I said caused any offense or pain to those who have such bitter memories of the Holocaust, the greatest moral tragedy of our time," he said, adding, "I'm also sorry if anything I said in any way cast a negative light on our fine men and women in the military."

"You know, because I wasn't sure if comparing enemy combatants (who continue to avow their desire to kill as many Americans as possible) sitting around eating rice pilaf in their air-conditioned cells to entire cities of people being rounded up and packed like human cattle into rail cars then thrown in ovens or gassed to death just because of their religious faith would really offend anyone's sensibilities."

"I'll also admit that I have absolutely no idea if comparing the men and women of America's armed forces to the mad regime of Pol Pot, who killed over 1/3 of his country's population during his reign of terror, would be casting them in a negative light... but if it did, then I guess I'm sorry or something."

Fuck you very much, Dick Turban. The good people serving our country at Guantanamo Bay have sacrificed far too much to put up with name calling by the likes of you. And fuck the DNC friends of yours you rode in on. You know the ones I'm talking about... the ones who were howling long and loud on the senate floor for over a week because Trent Lott said something nice at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party.
Senator Lott was forced to step down as majority leader because of all the negative press and calls for his resignation he recieved from the democrats for the insensitivity of his remarks. I think America's Jewish, Cambodian, and former Soviet state communities might have something to say about the insensitivity of Senator Turban's comments.

Oh hey, whaddya know... They do. Well some of them, anyway. You wouldn't know that by the mainstream media coverage, of course.

Just One Minute and Michelle Malkin both have extensive coverage of this. And without all the colorful language I'm so fond of using, either!


Blogger Ryan said...

Hey, whaddaya really expect from a dude named Dick Turban? I bet high school was hell for that chump.
Sometimes I'm so glad I don't keep up with the news.
P.S. I'll be playing doctor on top of my television later. You're invited.

10:15 AM, June 23, 2005  
Anonymous Rachel said...

brilliant post, I am in absolute total agreeance with you... and I've been trying to work out a way to express it for ages but you hit the nail on the head when you said "a long chain of slimy non-apologies from the left that blame the offended for being insulted..."

I might have to steal this post, with full credits, and share it with the readers of my blog...

Amnesty International suck for condoning that comment, and that Dick's (he he!) stupid half-assed apology ... argh

I tend to regard myself as pretty moderate on most issues, but when I've argued with left-wingers and they haven't agreed with me I automatically get labeled a fascist, and then when someone on the left makes such a horrific comment like that Dick wanker the liberal media try to brush it under the carpet

Once again, excellent post

11:46 PM, June 23, 2005  
Blogger Di said...

He is kind of a genius, isn't he? I WISH I KNEW WHO HE WAS!!! I'm harrassing the hell out of you until I know who you are!!! Stop fucking with my MIIIIIIND! Oh, great post by the way.

12:46 AM, June 25, 2005  

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