Tuesday, February 23, 2010

But I got a sweet tooth that'll never come loose

So I had the occasion to partake of Cookie Cake this weekend. Tasty as always, of course. However, as we were bullshitting around the table, we noticed something weird about the box that the Cookie Cake arrived in.

Sure, I know that they made those prop cakes specifically for the photo shoot... but what if someone walked up to the counter and ordered one?

That's a pretty Zen dude that orders a cookie cake with "Cookie Cake" written on it.
It's an even more Zen dude that gets one with "Not a Cookie Cake" written on his.
But the most Zen dude of all comes up to the counter right after those two guys and gets one that says "Armadillo."

$20 says I get that Armadillo cookie for my birthday.

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Blogger Stewed Hamm said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mike. Unfortunately, the world isn't ready to be shown insight about the Stew behind the blog. When the time comes, however, I assure you that key insights won't be gleaned by a form-fill of the same boring, plain questions everyone else has answered.

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6:10 AM, March 05, 2010  

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