Thursday, February 18, 2010

My girl be settin' booby traps to catch me eatin' Scooby Snax

So yeah... here we are in 2010. The year we make contact. The year we get contacts... or buy contact paper... or something like that. I don't really keep up with all that, so I'll have to just assume that I've got it correctly.

Anyway, thanks to a commenter named after a Greek letter- incidentally, how cool is that. Anyone named after letters of any alphabet is sporting some Top Shelf nomenclature. Jay, Dee, Zed, Enyay - all great names. Multiple letters is also quite swell, e.g. CeCe, JayCee, VeeDee. OK, maybe not VD so much...
So yeah, I've been spurred to post more often. I think I can at least manage to post a handful of times this year, so let's get right on that, shall we?

My main point here is that I've got an entire case of pristine Girl Scout Cookies sitting in my kitchen. 12 delicious boxes of tasty tasty Thin Mints that are mine, all mine. I estimate they'll last through Tuesday.

So if you haven't yet acquired your personal share of Girl Scout Cookies, I highly recommend you do so promptly. I'll be on the prowl for another fix very soon.

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Anonymous Denise said...

My weakness are the tagalongs... mmm I love that peanutty chocolaty goodness!

Buying 12 boxes make me jealous, I don't know any more girl scouts and when I stalk them I feel like a predator, little do hey knwo I just want a cookie or two (or 10...)

3:56 PM, February 18, 2010  
Blogger missbeans said...

There are these new cookies with cranberries in them...they are the move evilly-yummy cookies on earth. You should get some.

P.S. Call your local Girl Scout Council office and ask them to pass your phone number along to a troop so you can buy cookies, and they'll set you up...don't buy cookies directly from the council office though, because the troops will not get a share of that sale.

12:35 AM, February 19, 2010  

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