Friday, March 02, 2007

...Where beer does flow and men chunder

Well, I sat on my ass for a day too many, and Rachy goes and beats me to the punch about the Goracle's Grand Temple of Hypocracy... I've left my smart-assed comments on the matter over there. It's definately worth a look.

So while it may seem to the novice reader that I'm at a loss for a subject to post about (and thus provide proof of life to both of you reading this) I in fact had a second topic up my sleeve for just such an occasion. Ha! Take *that* you punks!

A week or so ago, I went for a bit of a drive, but when I popped in a my local Stop & Rob to fill up my tank, they were out of my usual Red Bull. So, I grabbed the first thing they had in the cooler... which was Amp. I put that shit back, since it's essentially Mountain Dew with half the water, which only means that it will make me twice as sick. The second thing they had in the cooler was a Coolah, which promised a "Refreshing lemon tang" and "Energy from Down Under."
After cracking it open, the first thing I noticed was that it didn't taste like your typical energy drink... which is to say: acid rain runoff. It actually tasted lemony. (Shocking, I know) Also, it kept me awake, and I didn't die in a firey car crash, so bonus points for that.

Anyway, according to the literature on the can, it's made by Cadbury Schweppes and is "inspired" (whatever the fuck that means) by some Aussie drink called Solo... but I'll be knackered if I can find much about it online. Even the Cadbury website doesn't list the damn thing, so hoo-rah for their Marketing Dept. eh? There is a decent write-up by some soda-reviewing site here, which pretty much says the same thing I do - "It's good. Why aren't you fuckwits marketing this properly?"
Now, given that this lameassed blog is relatively popular amongst the Emus & Roos crowd, I figured I'd let you guys do all my research for me. So I put it to you all: What's the deal with this "Solo" crap, everyone?

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Blogger DeadpanAnn said...

Rebecca will know. She is a connoisseur of Australian beverages!

8:51 PM, March 03, 2007  
Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Solo is the Iron Man's drink. It is a great thirst quencher, especially on a blistering hot day.
"Whether it’s swinging a sledgehammer, slinging a bag of cement over his shoulder, or even pole-vaulting to the winning tape using a handy length of steel scaffolding, the new Solo man still knows that "Fresh is Best with Solo”...that's from a TV commercial for the drink here in skippy land.

9:46 PM, March 03, 2007  

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