Friday, August 25, 2006

Who-who-who's moving much too fast, is it you?

Disclaimer: Today's post is only for the most sophisticated, urbane, cosmopolitan sort of blog reader.

Ha, like I'd ever post anything like that. Even I wouldn't be able to read it. Actually, this post is about quite possibly the red-neckiest thing I've seen all month. And I include each NASCAR event in that calculation - combined.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... the Hot Dog Martini.

I predict that it will become the Diva's beverage of choice just as soon as the wieners are thoroughly soaked. Salud, Everyone!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

No need for nervousness, it's just a little turbulence.

In the wake of the UK Skybomb plot, I think the Airline industry could use a little good news... which it just so happens, I've found - courtesy of (read: ripped off from) AP-jazeera.

PREK TOAL, Cambodia - Deep inside a flooded forest oozing with wildlife, Ly Vy pries another struggling creature from a gill net, whacks its head against the side of his skiff and adds it to a coiled heap that will add to the world's largest snake harvest. Buckets full of lifeless water snakes are tossed into algae-green pools and pits seething with crocodiles, which gulp them down in a few power-packed bites.
Some of the farm's 2,000 crocs fall back into their almost continual sleep with bits of snake still dangling from their clamped jaws.

HA! Like I was going to go anywhere else with that lede.

Ly Vy, who has been catching the nonpoisonous snakes for eight years, says there are far fewer these days, and worries both about future catches and possible government controls on the harvest. This year, he has been catching about half the number over last season, which peaks between June and September.
"During this season we can't catch a lot of fish so we try to catch a lot of snakes," the 26-year-old hunter says as he finishes the morning's inspection of his 437-yard net strung along a narrow water channel. "It's difficult to live in the forest, but we have no choice. The children can't go to school, medical help is far away and the food is poor," says his wife, Hol Hong, noting that snake is on their menu day after day.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm gettin' pretty tired of all these muthafuckin' snakes keeping muthafuckin' doctors and teachers away from these muthafuckin' planes... I mean, kids.
Sounds like Cambodia could use a few shotguns up in this bitch.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where's the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?

Been a busy week here in West Hammistan. Classes at Hammistan U. start up again on Monday, and while I haven't spent a month or two preparing like some folks... I bought a new Trapper Keeper, so I'm good to go.

Anyway, as sort of a follow-up to last week's post about heroic IDF hotties, I've found another large group of heroes. Truly, they're all Prometheuses to our sad little primitives shivering in the dark.
Check 'em out.

With any luck, you'll get a chance to buy one of 'em a beer.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Clutching honor, bearing pride

As if there were any question why islamic fascism needs to be fought wherever it sprouts... come to think of it, the vast majority of the left needs just such an explanation. One that can break through all those nuanced layers of "truthiness" they love to wrap themselves in.

Very well then. Just for you fucksticks, here's plenty of good reasons why we should fight islam on every front:

That's right, you pinkoes! Smokin' hot IDF babes. Like I said before... as if you needed another reason. (They can be Zionist aggressors towards me any day.)

Say, Mark, you wouldn't happen to have a Vargas babe looking down the barrel of a '16, would you? I Didn't think so. Fortunately, the IDF is well-stocked.

These fine women, heroes and patriots all, can be found with scores of their lovely sisters-in-arms at

Friday, August 11, 2006

You're in my blood, I'm not a lonely man

The Eternal Move: Supplemental

You all, no doubt, will recall my epic clusterfuck with the Cold War U-Haul and U-Hell outlets. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Hill-buy-illy Mom.

This explains everything. It's no frickin' wonder they didn't have any trucks for me. (H/T to the Jawas)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

As if you've seen it all before you join the celebrated strife

I've had a post cooking for a while now, that keeps getting put off due to graphics issues. S'what I get for trying to do a photo-post, I suppose. I've still got pics I promised to post from 18 months ago that have gone unfulfilled... so that's nothing new on my end.

Regardless, it seems asinine to be working on one of my typical lameassed posts when all the news is talking about today is the HUGE terror ring busted in England. So many other sites have already done the run-down for you, so I'm not going to bother duplicating their coverage.
Ace o' Spades liveblogged it.
Michelle Malkin ties in the dumbassed BBC "comedy" show from last week.
Allah has the evening update from UK papers. Scroll down a couple quotes and tell me again how brave and patriotic the NYT is for blowing the lids off all those secret terrorist-tracking programs.

The only thing I have to add is this: Remember after the Madrid train bombings (and a smaller echo of this after the London Tube bombing as well) we were treated to all the talking heads and "experts" telling us "Oh, they'd never try using planes again. It's way too obvious now."
Yeah, well that's what listening to "experts" will get you. The jihadis will use any tactic that works for them, and the most successful so far is coordinated attacks using multiple US airlines. The dirkasĀ² aren't one-trick ponies here... otherwise you'd hear the "experts" telling us "Oh they'd never try car bombs or suicide belts again. It's waay to obvious now."

Fuck "experts." They're are the same asshats who abjectly refuse to name islam itself as the problem. Instead, they keep trying to pass off the "tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked a noble religion" sham. After the Jewish Federation shooting in Seattle earlier this month and now this, I'm just about out of paitence for the opinions of so-called "experts."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Psychological warfare pulverizing my mind!

As you know, I'm the inter-truck's #1 stop for all the webcomics news that's fit to blog... okay, not #1, but Top-Five for sure... Top Ten maybe?

Would you believe #142?

Anyway, of the seven or so regular readers I have, sometime in their lives, they might have looked at a cartoon. So, based off of Hammistan's latest population figures, the eight of us would constitute a good-sized riot. Yes, I said a riot. What are we rioting over today, you ask?

Why, this of course. (with thanks to OpinionBug)

Because that's what modern, civilized, societies do when someone makes a political statement, light-hearted jibe, or walks around without a blanket over her head. They all get hella pissed off, then start burning flags and breaking shit.
What's that you say? There's not already massive numbers of Presbyterians flooding the streets? The Lutherans haven't started throwing Molotovs at random embassies? The Amish aren't taking down Dilbert's website with DDOS attacks? I'm shocked... Shocked! You all obviously need a refresher course in the proper way for a civilized person of faith to behave themselves when shown the tiniest slight. Repeat after me, everyone:

"Dirka." "Dirka."