Sunday, August 20, 2006

No need for nervousness, it's just a little turbulence.

In the wake of the UK Skybomb plot, I think the Airline industry could use a little good news... which it just so happens, I've found - courtesy of (read: ripped off from) AP-jazeera.

PREK TOAL, Cambodia - Deep inside a flooded forest oozing with wildlife, Ly Vy pries another struggling creature from a gill net, whacks its head against the side of his skiff and adds it to a coiled heap that will add to the world's largest snake harvest. Buckets full of lifeless water snakes are tossed into algae-green pools and pits seething with crocodiles, which gulp them down in a few power-packed bites.
Some of the farm's 2,000 crocs fall back into their almost continual sleep with bits of snake still dangling from their clamped jaws.

HA! Like I was going to go anywhere else with that lede.

Ly Vy, who has been catching the nonpoisonous snakes for eight years, says there are far fewer these days, and worries both about future catches and possible government controls on the harvest. This year, he has been catching about half the number over last season, which peaks between June and September.
"During this season we can't catch a lot of fish so we try to catch a lot of snakes," the 26-year-old hunter says as he finishes the morning's inspection of his 437-yard net strung along a narrow water channel. "It's difficult to live in the forest, but we have no choice. The children can't go to school, medical help is far away and the food is poor," says his wife, Hol Hong, noting that snake is on their menu day after day.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm gettin' pretty tired of all these muthafuckin' snakes keeping muthafuckin' doctors and teachers away from these muthafuckin' planes... I mean, kids.
Sounds like Cambodia could use a few shotguns up in this bitch.


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