Wednesday, January 04, 2012

No more can they keep us in. Listen damn it, we will win

A) I'm alive. Still.
B) Looks like Rick Santorum opened up a can of whoop-ass on Mittens in Iowa. At press time here in Hammistan, he's leading in Iowa. Granted, it's only by four - that's 4 - votes, but still... I'm suitably impressed with his performance, to be honest. He's made appearances in every county in Iowa, and at this point, probably qualifies for in-state tuition, should he develop an overwhelming urge to become a Hawkeye.
More so than that, the guy's got ... I dunno ... "pluck" sounds corny, but that's the best word that fits. He's been running an optimistic campaign when nobody's given him much of a chance, and even less credit. So my hat's off to Sen. Santorum for that.

Fox has a great county-by-county map that shows just how vast Santorum's support is throughout the state. It looks a lot like the election maps we see every four years, with vast swaths of red, and blue clusters where cities are.

That being said, Rick's screwed in New Hampshire - that's Mittens territory, with the bluebloods and RINOs. As long as he polls well enough to pace Herr Doktor Paul, he'll be in great shape for South Carolina.

As an aside, I have to say to my reader(s) that this shouldn't be taken as evidence that I'm returning to blogging. This may be a one-off, or this may mean something. Most likely, it's the former. I just don't have spare time sitting around in buckets that I can throw at a blog. My time's already pledged to a much more important project.

Happy New Year to everyone, especially you Iowans - you just might have kept yourself politically relevant for another 4 years. Way to go, corn pirates!

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