Monday, June 14, 2010

Forever in peace may you wave

It's Flag Day once more, and time for my annual (and brief) reminder to fly it properly or don't fly it at all:


Yes yes, it seems I'm the Vexillophile version of P. Diddy... hard to believe that title was yet unclaimed, wasn't it? Well it's all mine, suckaz! Also, I'd like to point out that my annual reminder was as brief - if not moreso - as advertised. Just another way in which you can place your complete trust in any and all content you read here at Scotland of the Soul.

But I didn't really post today to talk about flags. I posted today, as I do every year, to give a shout out to my blog-homey Rachy. Though it's been quite a while since she last made an appearance in blogdom, she's still good people. Well... as good as can be expected for someone descended from deported criminals.

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