Monday, April 28, 2008

Its fun to lose and to pretend

I don't suppose any of you would believe that it's (Extremely) Random Posting Day, would you?

No, I didn't think so.

Regardless, if Rachy can finally get up off her ass and start posting again, then I can't really make excuses for not following suit, can I? Unfortunately, after almost two month of blog-silence, I really don't have anything much to say. I've spent all my time holding on to my school schedule with both hands, and just trying to pass. It's my last semester at good ol' Hammistan U. and I've wisely saved some of the most difficult courses for last. On top of that, EVERY class in my major has some sort of group project that's due right about now. I've got 5 projects in 4 classes, and just finding time to meet with all these people is making me batshit crazy. But hey, in about two weeks, I'll get a sheep's ass with my name written on it that says I've done gradurbated. It's SO worth it... or something.

Anywhom, that's my excuse for not posting more often. It almost sounds believable, doesn't it? As far as you know, it is!

But I digress. On to the random posting.

I've noticed that when I drink coffee-flavored drinks (e.g. Slim Fast, or Frappuchinos) that my piss smells strongly like coffee. This isn't really anything odd - a google search will confirm that lots of people go through that. However, when I drink actual coffee... my piss just smells like piss.
Weird, huh?

My Cowboys picked up Pacman Jones from Tennessee this week. I guess they finally ran out of regular uniforms, and needed to get someone who would be comfortable in an orange jumpsuit. The best part is that in another 5 years or so, that will be the 'Boys official "Throwback" Uni.
Hah. I kid, I kid. Still, I've gotta love Pacman for keeping my favorite Cowboys joke relevant:
How is it that Jerry Jones can always find a seat on the bench when he's sideline at a game?
He sneaks up behind the players sitting down and says "Will the Defendant please rise."


In a perfect world, clowns like Pacman would be the Hot Pretzel guy, and Dat Nguyen would still be on the field tackling guys like a fuckin' freight train.

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