Thursday, July 13, 2006

We all wonder what's in the conscience of the king

The Eternal Move: Day 16 - A bit late, but here it is. (just be thankful I didn't promise pictures - I've got some I was supposed to take last spring that I still haven't done.)

So I rolled up to the apartment on Monday afternoon after I was finished at work... of course, this wasn't on purpose. The route to my new residence starts out on the same streets as the way to my old one... and I just set myself on autopilot apparently. If only Dr. Rumak had stuck his head in to wish me good luck and tell me he was counting on me...

Anyway, as long as I was there, I figured I'd drop off my keys and pass to the Brigadoon Exercise room, so I could be officially out of that apartment. I managed to do it without too much difficulty, and as a bonus I got the skinny on the window-smasher. Turns out he was just one of the local rednecks that got a little too friendly with the PBR, and went apeshit on his girlfriend's car. Serves her right for looking at him crosswise, I'm sure.

As I left, I took a cruise of the parking lot. The spot where the window-smasher did his deed had glass fragments fricking EVERYWHERE on it. That's right, the parking lot still had broken glass in it two days later... but the Thor wannabe who cleaned up the parking lot during the week would throw my newspaper away if I didn't grab it by 7:30. Lazy fucker.

With any luck, that's the last story I'll ever have to tell about that apartment. But, naturally, this is only the end of phase one of the Eternal Move. There are still a bajillion boxes to unpack, (yes, a bajillion. I counted.) and I haven't even started the rigamarole with MasterCard about Cold War U-Haul fucking me over.

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