Saturday, July 08, 2006

How high is the sky? How long is time?

The Eternal Move: Day 14.

Fourteen. Four. Teen. And with God's help it will be the final day.

I spent most of yesterday deep-cleaning the carpets, while the apartment becae progressively more humid. Even though I had the AC cranked down to 70, it felt at least 10 degrees warmer in there... The AC in that apartment is for shit, by the way. Practically none of the vents even blow air out, and despite the multiple complaints I made to management, nothing was ever really done to fix the problem.
After today however, it shall no longer be my problem. All that remains for me to do is return the carpet cleaner to work, and spackle a few little holes in the wall... what could possibly go wrong?

Posts From The Future: The Eternal Move, Day 139. Finally finished re-building the kitchen walls. I had a lot of trouble getting the plumbing right, but I figure it's only got to last until a week or so after I'm gone. After that fiasco with the Saws-all, you'd think I would have learned to watch where I was going, huh?

Anyway, tomorrow I'll get started on the last of the bedrooms, and I should finally be done moving in a week.

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