Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who needs a house out in Hackensack?

The Eternal Move: Day 15. (Because y'all totally knew this was coming.)

Surprisingly, I made it out of the apartment with no casualties - other than a neighbor's car. Yes, the apartment was still a bit humid, but a truckload of Febreeze solved any smell problems. I went to town on the nail-infested walls with my needle-nose pliers and putty knife. I loaded the carpet cleaner in my car. All is well with the world, or so I'd like to think.
However, I'm not technically done with the apartment just yet. You see, my move out date was on Saturday the 8th. What nobody told me was that neither the management or the corporate offices are open on the weekend... so I've still got my keys, and passcard to the pool area and the mythical exercise room. Currently, I exist in a sort of residential limbo - I don't live there, but then I also don't not live there.

The neighbor's car is an interesting story, though, so I'll delve a bit into that. Right before I started moving, I happened to be reading through the police reports in the newspaper - mostly because there's great small-town brand crazy shit in there. Anyway, I saw my own address listed, with the report that "a woman called and complained that someone threw a tire through her windshield."

A fucking TIRE!

Anyway, fast forward to Day 14, and I rolled up to the complex parking lot. There's a police car sitting there, and the cop is out talking to a woman on the steps. Next to the police car is a car with a big fricking dent in her windshield, and three (3) side windows broken out.
Now, maybe I'm wrong and it's a completely different person's car that just got jacked. In that case there's a psychotic tire-slingin' crazy-ass on the loose, and the only thing slowing them down is the lack of available tires to sling, so I'm glad I almost don't live there anymore. On the other hand, maybe I'm right, and the crazy-assed tire-slinger just got out of the county lockup and came back for vengence... and I'm still glad I almost don't live there anymore.

At the very least, this saga will have a Day 16 to it... I'll let y'all know as the situation unfolds.

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