Thursday, April 20, 2006

And maybe he sings off key, but thats alright by me

Well, I had a good thing going there for a few days. I made three whole posts in a row before the whole thing fell apart.

To make a short story long, in my particular building at Hammhock University, the computer lab is on the first floor. (technically a basement since it's below ground level) My monday afternoon class, however, is on the fourth floor.
So I was in the computer lab, poking about the web looking for the subject of my next post, when I realized that I was going to be late for class if I didn't get there in the next minute. (give or take a few seconds) Now, I've written before on my inability to take stairs one at a time, (a compulsion that serves me well in instances like this) so with an uncontrollable urge like that, you can imagine that sooner or later I was bound to trip and fall on my ass at least once.

You can see where I'm going here.

The force was with me though, and instead of face-planting on the concrete staircase and ruining my teeth, face, and future senatorial (or auto sales) career, I managed to catch myself by grabbing the handrail. Sadly, I dislocated my pinky finger in the process.
Luckily, there wasn't too much pain - though I did have a tough time struggling through class while stealing sidelong glances at the bruise developing on my hand. At the same time, I couldn't understand why my finger wouldn't pop back into its usual configuration. I'd tug on it between hastily scribbled notes about Power-Point slides, but in less than a minute it had jammed itself back to where it shouldn't be.
I begged off my Tuesday class because the pain hadn't left, and I couldn't go through 90 minutes of playing "Pull My Finger" while pretending to pay attention to my Prof. My self-improvement program had already taken a hit, and I was starting to fear for my soul. Blogging, of course, was right out of the question... except for slowly pecked-out smartass comments here and there on my blogroll. (Cuz I lurve youse guys that much)

Anyway, at work tonight I was hauling on my digit like a monkey on crack but the relief I sought wasn't coming anymore. I started sweating over what could be wrong with my hand... a torn ligament maybe? Did i have a tendon caught on something? Fuck, did I break a socket bone and the fucking thing would never set right?? Here I am, a scant three days into my injury, and pulling on my pinky to numb the pain had already become a subconscious habit - almost an addiction if you will.
Obviously, I didn't pay too close attention to what I was doing, and in my stress was distracted by a customer. Without realizing it, I accidentally started yanking on my ring finger. After an audibly loud *POP* that turned a couple heads of people standing next to me, a sweet river of bliss washed over the back of my hand. Turns out I had dislocated two fingers, and the one prevented the other from settling properly into place.

Anyway, it beats the hell out of surgery on my writing hand. Plus, I get to write another windbag post making a mountain out of my strange little molehill medical problem.
Are you guys lucky or what?

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