Thursday, March 30, 2006

Caress your funky dreads in the candle glow.

Let's not even talk about how overdue these pictures are, OK?


Now, without further ado, I present the fruits of the photomat:


Here's a companion photo to go with my cereal-palooza. Somehow, I felt it necessary to prove that I did indeed posess a box of Boo Berry. Anyway, ol' Boo's all gone now... he'll be missed.


Score one for evolution

Right around that time, I took this photo as well. I came home from class and found a hawk perched on the balcony of my apartment complex eating one of the many damn pigeons that hang out here and bless us with their offal. I can't imagine he was all that appetizing, but more power to him all the same.


Unfortunately, I never did get a shot of the dude with 23-inch rims. That's like a holy grail picture for me now. I guess he only shows up every ten years or so, though... like Brigadoon.


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