Monday, April 03, 2006

Knockin on Heaven's Door

I get readers from all political stripes in here, since orange snot is a malady that knows no party affiliation. Therefore, I'm sure you guys will fall on both/neither/huh? sides of the current debate on immigration and open borders, but this should make you stand up and take notice. From Newsmax:

FBI Director Robert Mueller said this week that his agency busted a smuggling ring organized by the terrorist group Hezbollah that had operatives cross the Mexican border to carry out possible terrorist attacks inside the U.S.

"A confirmed al-Qaida terrorist, an Iraqi national, was held in the Brewster County jail," Rep. [John] Culberson [R-TX] told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity. "He was captured in Mexico. This was within the last six weeks. He was turned over to the FBI."
Don't let anyone tell you that immigration isn't a security issue. Hezbollah isn't sneaking across the border to pick lettuce and sling enchiritos... at least that's not what they do when they sneak across another border I can think of.


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