Sunday, September 04, 2005

Take no prisoners, take no shit

In the wake of Katrina, it's easy to focus on all the reports coming out of the afflicted areas - both good and bad. Still, life goes on.

In the War on Terror, a couple more terrorist financiers will be cooling their heels in prison for the bulk of their natural lives. (thanks to Command Post) I absolutely love the defense these guys put up. "I never ever ever helped terrorists, swear to God... but as long as you've got me on tape, may I remind you that it's not illegal to do it in Yemen."
Nice try there, mullah shitheel. That argument doesn't fly in Germany, where you were arrested, and it sure as hell doesn't fly in Brooklyn. You're lucky they didn't just drop you off in Bedford-Sty and let all the locals know that Mohammed from the Block said he could whip America's ass. You'd have two or three dozen guys with baseball bats and tire irons ready to rumble before you could bat an eye.

After the court is reimbursed and what-have-you, it'll feel good to see that $2 million in fines get used to fight terrorism and stick it to these guys even further.

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Blogger coffee and cigarettes said...

If you want to save gas anonymous, how about shutting the fuck up?

7:30 AM, September 04, 2005  

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