Sunday, March 20, 2005

Better do as you are told. You better listen to the radio

Yep, I'm still in mourning for missing Elvis. Though it turns out tickets were $40, so there's one more reason that my attendance was destined not to happen this time.

I've been filling the pain in my heart with Internet Radio. Sometime in the past, the machines at work started allowing streaming content to come through, so I'm all over Live365 like a cheap suit... or Cheap Trick.
While I'm in plug mode, I should throw a shout out to Zebby of Planet Zeb - the best station on the web, hands down. Within an hour of tuning in, I had heard the best 80s ever... plus Don Johnson. The cool part is I chose Planet Zeb completely at random from the list of 80s stations, and now it turns out they're the only one I'll prolly ever need to listen to.
Zebby could do with a little more metal, but I can overlook that. (Though if you happen to come across this Zebby, consider adding anything off of Powerslave into the rotation.)

In other news: Thanks for fucking me over, Kansas. You guys should probably take up fishing instead...


Blogger zebby rhoads said...

Stewed-- greetings! Zebby Rhoads here, from PLANET ZEB! Internet Radio. Came across your kind blog comments about the station while perusing the web on other business, and I appreciate your thoughts!! And yeah, having cut my radio teeth on album-oriented rock and metal, I agree that it'd be nice to add s'more of it to the PZ rotation-- I already push the limits of the "daytime office listener" threshold with select Judas Priest, Winger, Metallica, etc. (grin). But I'll see what can be done about Powerslave et al... perhaps on "off-peak" morning hours in the US, which would be morning to early afternoon GMT. :)

Don't be a stranger... the website's at and again, thanks kindly for the nice comments!!!!

6:37 AM, March 21, 2005  
Blogger Di said...

That Zebby cat sounds pretty cool. Maybe I'll have to checkitout sometime. In other news: I didn't think I could possibly be any more screwed than losing Syracuse in the first round, but Kansas... way to pull through! Or not... as the case may be. The others in my bracket group thank you kindly.

12:45 AM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger Stewed Hamm said...

Hot damn, I'm a veritible trendsetter over here. Take heed America, the Stew is becoming a force to be reckoned with... or something.

Seriously though, anyone who's lasted as long in the radio business as Zebby has my admiration. Even if he does classify Winger as metal ;)
I actually heard "Breakin the Law" last night, and was quite pleased. If my headphones could go to eleven, they would have been there. If everyone spun Judas Priest at work, we'd live in a better world.
As far as Iron Maiden goes though, you have to search a little for "safe" songs to rock-yet-not-mortify the at work crowd... still, Powerslave does have "Aces High," my favorite Maiden tune.

I'll wrap it up here before I completely turn into a music geek and start talking about Milli Vanilli...
So yeah: Wow! Zebby on my blog. This is a better day than the one where I didn't have to use my AK.

4:17 AM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger Stewed Hamm said...

One other thing that just comes to mind: For those of you arriving from Planet Zeb, be warned that this isn't exactly a "daytime ofice listener" sort of blog.

F'rinstance, I use a lot of the words that are only for big kids, and have taken controversial stands on controversial issues. Sure, I make fun of Ron Artest and P. Diddy... but I've also called out MLK and the "religion of peace."
My philosophy is that you should be either laughing or thinking, if not both.

Regardless, feel free to read around a bit. At the very least you know we both have excellent taste in music.

8:01 AM, March 22, 2005  
Blogger zebby rhoads said...

OK, OK, so Winger is "ultra-power pop," not metal (laugh). I'll give Kip where credit is due-- the band re-introduced a "heavier" sound to what was otherwise bland CHR radio of the late 80s (Living Colour did the same thing with that single of theirs)... so not "metal" in the classic sense, but still far better than the numerous mindless balladeers and hip-hop wannabes of the time. Reminds me of the controversy when Jethro Tull won the inaugural "metal" category award at AMA in '86-- I've always liked that band (in fact, Ian Anderson is a regular at my father-in-law's Esso filling station in Carlisle, Cumbria), though I admit that "metal" is a bit of stretch label-wise. :)

I once got away with Accept's "Balls to the Wall" on Planet Zeb... just something I thought I'd throw in one day to the rotation. I love that track. Maybe I'll try sneaking it in again one of these days (g). In the meantime, nice to know I've landed among a pack of Maiden fans-- but I should confess up front something that makes me unpopular with younger metal fans. For as much as I like Dickenson as a lead man, I thought the MUSIC on their first two albums with Di'Anno on lead vocals was better than anything else they've ever released.

Anyhoo, nice to meet y'all-- and because I had to create a Blogger ID to respond to this message, I took it the next step and created a PLANET ZEB! blog as well. Fun so far! I gave ya credit (and a link), Scotland, for leading me here in the first message. Thanks!

8:54 AM, March 22, 2005  
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