Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Slam the door, and let's tear down the walls

For those not paying attention, pathetic shell of a human Jose Canseco has been all over TV like a cheap suit, promoting his new book "Juiced." In it, he gives a truckload of sordid details about how he abused steroids in his baseball career, and he names dozens of other players who were in on it as well.

Is there anyone left out there who wasn't aware that some pro atheletes cheat? Didn't think so. Now, Mr. Canseco's allegations might be interesting if he wasn't selling them for $26 a pop. In fact, there's an overwhelming sense of public apathy about the "revelations" in this new overpriced paperweight. That's not to say that a select few interest groups aren't concerned about the lasting effects.
During an appearance at a Tacoma, Washington bookstore, Canseco was greeted by a small group of protesters. The leader of the group, local resident Courtney Love, issued this brief statement to the press:
"Mr Canseco's rampant media whoring during promotion of his book is creating a negative public image of actual whores like myself."

Just kidding folks... Courtney Love didn't say that at all. There's no way she knows big words like "rampant" or "negative." Ha! Two birds with one stone, baby.

Seriously, though... they're both total whores.


Blogger Di said...

And did he really have to specify that he injected Mark McGwire in the ass? Seriously.

10:52 PM, February 23, 2005  

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