Thursday, January 20, 2005

Who can turn a cap into a cape?

Holy crap, we're one step closer to the apocalypse tonight kids. I just saw a commercial for the MacGyver season 1 DVD box set. No, I'm not kidding. How much longer can it be until we have true justice, and Mr. Belvedere graces store shelves nationwide to bring meaning into our pitiful little lives?

Everyone collect some matches, spare bicycle parts, and a bottle of asprin then gather the kids around the big screen and learn how to make a tank or something! Huzzah for wacky plot devices! Huzzah for increasingly improbable "situations" for good ol Mac to extricate himself from!
Mourn for Brian Blessed choking down his own vomit for the sake of a paycheck.

That being said, if you ignore the "show" part of the show and just ponder the essence of MacGyver, you have to admit it was pretty damn cool. Just the concept itself makes you want to scream it in as many public places as you can find. Shout "MacGyver!" at the top of your lungs... feels good doesn't it? That one word is a conversation unto itself. OK, so the cops won't get it, and they'll probably ask you to leave the premesis... but the cool people like me, and probably you... we're down, yo. We'll just nod understandingly and say (all beatnicky-like) "MacGyver, man... MacGyver."
And you know what? We'll have really said something that day. Something that means something. Something profound indeed.

MacGyver, everyone.


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