Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stand up and be counted for what you are about to recieve

So much to talk about since it's been so long. I've been floored by the amazing results of the elections in Iraq, and have been feverishly trying to craft the ├╝ber-post about it... but no such luck. I'm back on the phlegm-infestation tour as of last week so, this cough-wracked rambling post is what you get instead.

After Sentaor Chappaquiddick's grandstanding on Thursday wherin he demanded that US troops cut and run, while repeatedly comparing Iraq to a Vietnam-esque quagmire, the good people of Iraq told him in no uncertain terms to sit his cirrhotic ass down and shut the fuck up. Estimates of voter turnout in Iraq were anywhere from 60 to 72 percent, (though the latter number is generally thought of as being a bit high) numbers that we rarely see in America... and that's without some fucksticks trying to blow us up at the time.
Yet on the eve of the first free election in Iraq for over 50 years, Senator Kennedy can't stop talking about Vietnam. I don't know if he happened to find some old love beads and his collection of Joan Baez 45's or what, but Iraq is not Vietnam. Still, there are some public figures in ol' Chappy's corner.
Geez, how desperate can you get for attention? Perhaps Gorbachev's misunderstanding with the election arises because there were around 175 choices on the ballot this time. Gorby's used to there being smaller ballots with fewer possible choices - namely, one. Still, if there's anyone that knows about democracy at the barrel of a gun, it's Gorbachev *cough*Lithuania*cough*cough*

The "massive" terrorist network that proclaimed democracy as the enemy of Islam, and vowed to do everything in its power to stop the elections only managed to find a handful of suicide bombers (one of whom was allegedly afflicted with Down's Syndrome - i.e. a non-person in Islamofacist circles) who killed 44 people.
It's vital to note that every casualty was someone important to their families and friends, and each life was precious... but 44 is a stunningly low number if you've been going by what the Networks show us every night on the news. This is all they've got? Either there's not a lonely camel in Iraq tonight, or just maybe, these terrorists aren't as numerous as we've been led to believe... If nothing else, it's enough to persuade anyone that the forces of freedom are winning the war against terror in Iraq. Hell, just look at how many bloggers are posting from Iraq now. Comand Post has hundreds of them, in stark contrast from the one pre-war voice I can think of.

You know what? Fuck you very much Mr. Kennedy, we're not interested in your help. This one's covered, thanks.


Blogger Beaner said...

You are completely right. If these people have to stoop to using action figures to scare us, it's time to realize that we're beating them.

2:19 PM, February 03, 2005  
Blogger Stewed Hamm said...

For those of you lost on this one, Beaner's referring to this story (thanks to Command Post) Go ahead and laugh your ass off at how eager the mainstream media is to get out news that could hurt the Bush administration.
There's also a good animation on Blogs for Bush here that superimposes Cody's head with the alleged captive.

The latest word from the Pentagon is that Sec. Rumsfeld is unable to locate any suitable prisoners to release in exchange for the captured American soldier. It's possible he can talk his neighbor's kid into parting with a Destro figure for the sake of National Security... Alternatively, there's probably a Major Bludd available on eBay. If we could get it shipped directly to the terrorists, it's probably the best option. They'd better leave some damn feedback though!

4:11 AM, February 07, 2005  

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