Thursday, November 18, 2004

On the inside, we're all the same

Man, are Republicans a bunch of bigoted motherfuckers or what?

The conventional wisdom would have you believing in the core of your heart that every Red State Robot hates everyone that doesn't look and think exactly like them. "Them" being lily-white Jesus Savers, of course. They're all rich beyond belief from exploiting poor blue-collar workers, and the only person of color they've ever talked to was the help.

Naturally, that's why every single one of Bush's new cabinet appointees is another white male fatcat, right? Not exactly.

Actually, not at all. Of the four individuals nominated, there are zero white males. The most talked about nominee of course, is the current NSA, Condoleeza Rice. If confirmed by the Senate, she will be only the second female Secretary of State, and the first black woman to hold the post. She'll also be replacing the first black man to ever hold the post.
The Attorney General nominee is Alberto Gonzales, the current White House Council. (Bush's official lawyer) Mr. Gonzales will be the first Latino Attorney General if he is confirmed.
Moving on to Education, the nominee is Margaret Spellings -- a *gasp* white person!! She's eminently qualified, in most professionals' opinions, as she has been involved in Education policy for almost 25 years now. She would replace Rod Paige, another African American, who incidentally has been demonized by the NAACP for daring to think for himself and not kowtowing to the black "leadership" groupthink.

If confirmed, the new cabinet would break down thusly:
8 Males, 7 White, 1 Latino
6 Females, 3 White, 1 Black, 1 Asian, 1 Hispanic

Hardly a good 'ol boy white-wash, is it? Especially not when you consider that most of the higher-importance positions are held by minorities. Of course, you won't hear that in the watercooler talk at the office, or read it in the letters to the editor. The truth is that people of both sides can be bigoted, often stridently so.
Yes, Democrats can be racist too. They unloaded on Dr. Rice with both barrels just yesterday.

Republicans aren't obviously all bigots, and Democrats aren't all saints. We're all somewhere in the middle there.


Blogger Like-a-Fox said...

I try and read Moby Dick every year too, but I don't think I've gotten past the third chapter. You have me beat there. And if you end up blowing anything that compares to what I saw that night, you had better make sure I'm there!

7:57 PM, November 18, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never tried to read Moby Dick... but I did see the movie once. There was a lot more sex than I would have thought for a "classic" novel.

- the Otak

12:36 AM, December 20, 2004  

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