Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Never get angry at the stupid people

I go at a steady clip of one post a week, and now all of a sudden I'm a 2-posts-a-day man. Yes, it's all too true, I've been struck by motivation! Lawd hep me!

Consider this a remnant of my previous attempt to document the stupidity of political commercials. Naturally, today will be the last we see of them for a while, so if I want to remain topical, I'd better get with the typey-type.

Nothing makes me laugh more than the phoney politicians that include in their ads "I'm SoandSo, and I approved this message because I care about helping people and doing politician stuff or whatever." Just once, once, I'd like to see someone say "I'm Honesty McHonestguy, and I approved this message because the FEC won't let me air it without saying this."

As I am quite fond of saying, people are big dumb sheep.


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