Monday, November 22, 2004

Attack someone and punch them in the face! Riot!

So I went to see the Pacers the other night and the fucking Vibe Awards broke out! *rimshot*

Now that Mr. Robinson has left the neighborhood, is there anyone left in the NBA that isn't an overpaid thug or a wannabe rapper? Seriously. Just one dude that likes throwing a ball at a hoop?
Is there anyone left that still believes in James Naismith?

I highly doubt it. I mean, between Kazaam the Rapping Genie and Hot Kobe Beef, does anyone ever get press for actually playing the game?
Maybe David Stern should put in a call to that "He Hate Me" guy and see if he's available.

Basketball is so fucking dead. At least they bother to play the games though.


Blogger Di said...

Dirk Nowitzki, baby! He is a badass mf'er and a great basketball player. Also, there is the lovely and talented Steve Nash, even though he plays for Pa-ho-nix now. And then there's Michael Finley. Now, I know they're not NATIONAL SUPERSTARS, but they're superstars in my heart. GO MAVS!!!

12:26 AM, December 01, 2004  

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