Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Somebody's Broken Heart And A Washed-Out Dream

Things I learned while watching ~15 seconds of the Michael Jackson "Memorial."

  • People are stupid
  • Jermaine Jackson is still alive
  • People are stupid
  • Although Michael Jackson did not invent dance fighting, he refined it into the potent martial art it is today - much like Bruce Lee did with Jeet Kune Do.
  • People are stupid
  • The whole thing would have been much more interesting if during the performance of Thriller, Mike's corpse rose from the casket, started dancing along with the cast, then proceeded to eat everyone's brains.
    • Bonus fact - this particular scenario is equally plausible if Michael is still alive.
  • People - as I may have mentioned - are stupid
  • The word "Shamon" is much like the word "Smurf." Just insert it into any conversation as needed.
  • People are so very, very stupid.

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Anonymous Patrick said...

Is "Shamon" like "Su su sudio"?

12:24 PM, August 04, 2009  

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