Thursday, November 06, 2008

While you rid the world of your every sin

So... the election, eh? Yeah, I suppose I should say something or other about that.

Some states are red
Some states are blue
It doesn't really matter
Because we're all getting screwed.
(Burma Shave)

Or perhaps, you'd prefer the classy, haiku version:

Say, is this the line
for bread, or perhaps for gas?
Hooray for HopeChange!

Or is that somehow racist to bring up Soviet-style rationing lines?
These hipster douchebags don't seem to think so.

I'll grant you that they have a different opinion about them than I do. That's easy to do when you've never had to live through it. I hope that magic unicorn you voted for makes you feel good enough to last you the next four years, beatniks.

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