Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And you won't give up the search for the ghosts in the halls

So I'm putting up the post yesterday, and I was having a lot of problems getting the image to cooperate. At first, I figured it was some effed up new dealie at photobucket, but then I realized that all the rest of the images were hosting just fine. Then, I realized that my photo editing software at work just wasn't cutting Col. Mustard. [salute] Colonel Mustard! [/salute]
One short drive home, and a few "crop" functions later, and the comic is looking all snazzy and correctly-sized. But wait... what's that? The tooltips aren't working. That's odd... all the others are work-- no. No, they're not working either. What's wrong with Blogger this time?

Of course, it turns out that nothing's wrong with Blogger after all. Captain Dumbass [salute] Captain Dumbass! [/salute] has been putting "alt" attributes into his IMG tags, instead of "title" attributes. Many many clicks and keystrokes later, I've inadvertently built a brand new time-wasting activity for all my loyal reader(s) who are out of school for Thanksgiving break.
Have fun going back through the blog finding all the pictures!

Extra Credit for: Traveling over three years into the past, you'll undoubtedly notice that some of the swearing is starting to get stale. While keeping in mind that I'm not yet in Advanced-level Hammistani classes, if anyone wants to offer helpful suggestions for punching up old curses, drop me an email at the blog's address (stewed underscore hamm underscore sucks [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Extra Extra Credit for: Anyone that actually reads this within a month of me posting it, and has so little joy in thier lives that they have time to email me. Enjoy the points, Emo Kid, they're all you have left to live for.

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