Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pretty Mary bought some skates upon the ice to frisk

So, Barry* Bonds hit another home run last night, bringing his total up to 756* and breaking Hank Aaron's record... if you want to get caught up in that sort of thing. For those of us who are still sane, it's crystal clear why Barry*'s drug-addled ass wasn't thrown out of baseball years ago - money.
How much money has MLB stood to rake in amid all the "record-breaking" hype. Or at least, how much did they think they stood to make, anyway. Bud Selig was clearly hoping to see a repeat of all the excitement from the single-season home run chase... which honestly wasn't' much to write home about even then. (what with the aforementioned drugs and all.)

So yeah, fuck that cheating bastard Barry* Bonds. He and Selig are both first-class whores for what they've done to another cherished part of the game's history. What a pair.

Of course, this won't stop me from trying to make a profit off of my Barry* Bonds rookie card. Anyone interested in making a serious offer should email me or leave a comment below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to see someone else thinks he's a complete load of crap. But you hit it right on the button - it's all about the money!

4:36 PM, August 24, 2007  
Blogger Mark said...

I agree! GREAT CARD, Stew!

11:11 PM, August 30, 2007  

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