Thursday, July 12, 2007

Passing silhouettes of strange illuminated mannequins

I started out today to do a search string post, in the hopes that it would force Rachy to post her better, sicker ones... but as is my wont, I was completely sidetracked by the internet. Let this be an object lesson in the dangers of Google.

First, a little background. It seems that Billy Blanks is currently making a big splash in Japan. His infomercials are all over the place there, just like in the good ole days of Tae-Bo. Here's one where he surprises a Japanese high school P.E. class, and turns it into one of his commercials. For bonus comedy, stick through it until the end where you can watch him giving an "inspirational" speech to the class... in English.

Anyway, the point of all this is that while you could reasonably expect a Google search for Billy Blanks to turn up Japanese links... you might not expect them to be about amazingly cool stuff like this:

Ever dreamed of being drawn close to a smiling Marilyn Monroe or feeling the muscles of fitness guru Billy Blanks? A Japanese firm on Wednesday unveiled a system that enables you to feel "the shape and softness" of three-dimensional images using a sensor-loaded glove. The "tangible 3D" system creates graphics that seem to burst out of a screen and has a glove that allows users to "feel" them.

Some scientist has a man-crush on the esteemed Mr. Blanks, methinks. Expect a fully-functional Mecha-Billy, complete with rocket launchers, pulse laser, and bulging biceps to be marketed by Nissan in the next decade.

The developer was exploring commercial applications which could include video phones, said engineer Shiro Ozawa.
If a person linked to the system moves in another place, his or her three-dimensional image also moves in real-time. The user would feel as if they were being pulled along if the image moves while grasping your hand.

Fricking cool, wouldn't you say? Creepily written, but cool. Also, don't fall for that line in the article about video phones being the prime commercial application. This is Japan we're talking about here... that baby's going straight to the pr0n industry. Mecha-Billy is closer than you think.

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Blogger Mean Teacher said...

Cool. I'd pay for a "tangible 3D" Brad Pitt experience.

1:09 PM, July 16, 2007  

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