Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's gonna be a bad day come Sunday

OK, look. So I haven't posted anything in a while... and this whole month has been pretty sparse, at best. Frankly, this is just going to be how it is for a while. School is kicking my ass three ways until the weekend - seriously, I've got easily double my previous workload, thanks primarily to a wild-eyed Poli-Sci professor that's got us reading 40 or 50 pages a week on Mao Zedong while she tries OH SO HARD not to criticize his brutal fucking regime.
(Ironically, I was in the West Hammistan LieBerry today, strolling through the kids's section [because you practically have to if you want to visit the crappers] and there was a book on the Illustrious Leader with a big starburst inviting kids to "Judge For Yourself!" I didn't have the stomach (or bladder) to look through it, but how deep in self-bullshit do you have to be to start writing "But what about all the good things Mao did!" books?
Even the uber-socialist version of the Beatles wouldn't approve of carrying pictures of Chairman Mao...)

Anywhom, posts are going to be slight for a while, until I get acclimated to the increased workload. When I get a chance, I'll go back for "Purging Intellectuals, Collectivization Blues, and Other Mass Line Nursery Rhymes," just to see how bad it really is.


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