Sunday, June 18, 2006

Maximum big suprise your smile is something new

A sad commentary on how far down the spiral the American political scene has devolved, that this campaign ad is now "shocking" for the politically incorrect things said, rather than the litany of problems it outlines. In light of this magnificient contribution to the political discourse, I hereby confer honorary Hammistani citizenship upon the candidate, Vernon Robinson, and encourage anyone residing in his district to cast their vote for him. (of course, given that most of my readers live in either Austrailia or St. Louis, my endorsement isn't all that effective)

Though I'm tempted to say it's the best campaign ad ever, I'll take the "I like Ike" campaign and Reagan's "Bear in the Woods" ad as my favorites. Still, Mr. Robinson (oh how I would like to live in his neighborhood) makes the top 5, easy.

I'm sooooo close to packing up Hammistan and moving it to North Carolina, just so I could vote for this guy. Vernon Robinson has huge political balls, and I'm surprised the leftards haven't already started pillorying him. I suppose they're caught up in the Ann Coulter frenzy, or maybe they're just short on campaign cash and can't afford to mount any sort of response.


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