Sunday, May 14, 2006

Send us your hate mail in the name of Christ.

You guys know I very very rarely get any negative responses (not counting spam, naturally) to the blog... mostly because I very very rarely get any responses to the blog. In order to correct this disheartening trend, I've snagged a cheapass disposable yahoo account and thrown it some highly-placed screen space on the left column, o'er there. If I had to pay myself the going ad rate, it would cost me upwards of 5 or 6 cents a month, so you can see just how seriously I take the solicitation of hate mail.

Cowards rejoice! No longer shall you be left out of calling my mother a hamster or ruminating on my father's odor. Ask not whom the "You've got mail" tolls for. It tolls for me.

N.B. Attention sellers of penile enhancement programs, home mortgages, and other various products I have no desire in purchasing: If you don't hate me, don't waste your time and mine by mailing me.
Also, mom, you don't have to send me hate mail - I already know how you feel. Happy Mother's Day!


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