Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

In a surprising turn of events, the PLO staged a large demonstration in which citizens gave the government money, jewels, and in some cases their entire paychecks, in an effort to alleviate their massive debt. It's a smart move and rather efficient at that, as it cuts out the middleman, and lets the PLO steal directly from its citizens, without all that clumsy mucking about with gunrunning and extortion of the civilized world. Plus, it leaves more time for blaming all their problems on the evil Zionists; what could be more win-win than that?

The best writeup I saw online was courtesy of the Houston Comical, who didn't let the opportunity to bash Israel slip by. Ho no, they splash a big picture of evil Zionists beating a poor defenseless protestor right on top of the article... you know, so you can read it all unbiased and come to your own conclusions. I, for one, am proud to have my news filtered by our new insect overlords.

NABLUS, West Bank -— Thousands of Hamas followers gathered Friday to donate money and jewelry to their cash-strapped government, while a Western boycott stirred debate inside the militant group over whether to accept a state alongside Israel.

The Hamas-led government has been under increasing economic pressure since taking office in March, with Israel halting $55 million in monthly tax transfers to the Palestinians, and the United States and European Union freezing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid.

Awwww... it's soooo unfair that we must suffer consequences for blowing people up.

Several women put jewelry in a collection plate. A group of gunmen from the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, affiliated with the Fatah Party, fired rifles in the air before donating $22. The contributions were touted over megaphones, and some people said they were donating their entire paychecks.

"These donations are our way of telling the world that we can live without them, and our children are paying what the Europeans should be paying," said Bassam al-Shaqaa, a former mayor of Nablus.

Did everyone catch that? "Our children are paying what the Europeans should be paying." Not "Thanks for your help, Europe." Not "we appreciate all the money you've sent in the past, but could you help us out a bit longer?" No, it's "You owe us, bitches. Hand over your wallets, and nobody gets hurt... except the evil Zionists, and western kufirs, and basically everyone else we've been bombing for the last 60 years."

Fuck the PLO. It's long past time we stopped paying them jizyah. These are not the "vast majority of moderate muslim" type of muslims - these are the "blow up pizza parlors full of innocents and crowds of children getting candy" type of muslims.
Incidentally, if the PLO is so fucking broke, why haven't they made any noise about how much Arafat and his wife looted from the organization over the years - it's easily a billion dollars and could solve their financial problems for the next decade if managed wisely. Oh wait, right... there's no evil Zionists to blame that one on.


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