Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hot tamales, we bum-rush the parties.

Now that the JYB's back on its feet, I've gotten a good look at their Katrina coverage and find myself quite impressed. Brian & Chris are keeping tabs on the evolving train-wreck that is the Louisiana State Government, and have called Gov. Blanco (or, as I predict a number of people will be referring to her: Blank-Hole.) on the carpet for her staggering degree of incompetence in managing the crisis. You'll also recall that they publicized the multitudes of buses left to rot by the City of New Orleans, rather than be used to save lives.
The blogroll fairy and I agreed that they needed a shout-out, so we have done just that.

In other news, Jaques Chirac almost has a guest column at Huffington's Toast. He very nearly provides a good deal of perspective on our two nations' relative definitions of "urgency."

Additionally, I had a staggeringly amazing Labor Day weekend that I fully intend to blog about. Obviously, with the news of the day what it is, life got in the way. As soon as I can coax all those electrons swimming about in my camera to produce photographs, you'll hear all about it from me. So like, in April, when nobody gives a damn about my Labor Dabors, I'll unveil their full glory unto the InnerNets.
Ha! I'm so slow to post pictures, so I made a funny! (or did I?)

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Update: I put up this link in the comments of another post, but it needs a little more publicity. It's a satellite photo of the city, showing where the buses are... and the clear, dry roads leading right to the Superdome. It also shows where there are working buses on dry land that weren't used either -- despite all the publicity about how horrible conditions were.

Heads need to roll over this.


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