Monday, September 05, 2005

You've been pissed off for a week now

As the societal degeneration continues, the hits - as Dr. Vitamins & Exercise famously said - just keep on coming.

The latest intelligent discourse to come out of the "What the hell took so long!" discussion regarding New Orleans is this asshatted threat from Louisana Senator Mary Landrieu to "literally punch anyone, including the President who questions the local response to the tragedy."

Oh ree-he-ally?

Well Mary, you're going to have to get your whiny ass on a bus and come on up to Hammistan, because the line for the Nation's Punched starts with me. To you, Mary Landrieu, I say: "Bring it, bitch."
Because I think New Orleans's response to the tragedy isn't just questionable, it absolutely SUCKS.

To start with, the lawlessness the has been widely reported in the media (here here and here, for example) is a direct result of the New Orleans Police Department's refusal to do its job. When the time came for the cops to restore law and order, they ran for the hills. Well, at least the ones that weren't too busy looting.

And the refugees? How many of them could have been evacuated by the couple hundred or so school buses in the city? Ten thousand, easy. So why didn't it happen, one wonders...
Because at least 210 of the district's school buses are underwater. Instead of taking charge of the situation and getting something done, local officials sat on their thumbs like a bunch of waterlogged Neros and let the buses drown. Additionally, the City's transit Authority has at least 364 buses... where were they? Shuttling people to the Superdome and abandoning them.
This one doesn't surprise me though. The school system in New Orleans doesn't even know how many employees it has... I sooner expect to see people raptured out of the Superdome than bussed out by the city.

The criticism doesn't end there though, Mary. While all this was happening, what were you doing about it? Bitching when the President isn't at your beck and call. Demading cabinet-level reorganizations to side-step FEMA, and whining when it wasn't done within 24 hours. Not to mention criticizing the President for taking a tour of the devastated areas, when you were only too happy to hop a flight yourself.
For that matter, why are we only hearing horror stories about Louisiana, specifically New Orleans? Katrina traveled up the length of Mississippi, yet they managed to get plenty of food and water. Alabama was hit hard as well, but they're doing all right too. Could it possibly be that Mississippi and Alabama don't have incompetent buffoons in power like New Orleans does?

So yeah, come on over and try to kick my ass if you're up to it Sen. Landrieu. It won't help anything, of course, and it certianly won't change the fact that local officials simply let the majority of this human suffering happen before their eyes.

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Update: I'm aware that the first bus link doesn't work. It's up and running again, with more hell-bent fury than ever. Bryan Preston's Junkyard Blog has been inundated with traffic and exceeded its alloted bandwidth. He's currently guest-blogging at Michelle Malkin until he gets it all sorted out.
The link to Bill Hobbs (364 buses) has one of the more incensing photos at the top of the post.

Update II: Even more help that was flatly refused by the State of Louisiana. You guys don't get to have it both ways... except in the media.


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Everything you said: Word. UP!

And super-kudos for using a Bowling for Soup lyric as your title. =D

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