Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maybe he went to get a British flag

Hullo there, intertubes. Nice to see you're all still here waiting for me. (and still not at all like a truck - not one little bit)

So anyway, I've been following the riots in Iran with more than a little concern. Concern enough to actually sling something up onto the blog here - so that's really saying something right there. Anyway, I'm reading what news updates I can courtesy of the BBC, at least until the Ayatollah (not the one of rock-n-roll-a, but the one of chocking-on-Satan's-dick... ola.) banned all journalists from covering stories.

There's a lot things happening in Tehran recently that remind me of the bad old days of Communism in Europe and Asia. Solidarity demonstrations in Poland, Democracy riots in Vilnius, and with the onset of violence now, Tienanmen Square. Fortunately, though, we're living in a new age of communication, and the world is not dependent on crusty old bastards dragging their soggyassed corpses out "on location" to spoon-feed the world their political spin on what's happening in various corners of Earth. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Christiane Amanpour) Unlike in Beijing, when the June 4 Demonstrators briefly paused from running for their lives to beg the media "Tell the world what happened here; tell them our story!" The Iranian demonstrations are being broadcast chiefly by Twitter and Facebook.

Also unlike Beijing, when the Chi Com leaderships didn't know what to do about Western media airing their dirty laundry, the Ayatollah of Choking on Satan's Dick-ola has his thugs sniffing around the interwebs looking for Twitter and Facebook users located in Iran. So in order to make the toothless camel-molesting thugs' job a little bit harder, I've become a Twitter Shitter. A Twitter Shitter based in Tehran, Iran... at least according to my profile.

And now we come to the part of the post where I make a personal appeal. Because what's the point of one additional lameass on the 'tubes? I'm not a guy standing in front of a tank column here... I'm not even causing posh Italian people to make their scooters swerve a bit while they speed by saying "Ciao!" But people actually listen to some of you people... so were you to digitally relocate yourself to Tehran, they might do so as well. And then we're really talking about something happening here.

Because right now, the Iranian people rioting in the streets - not just over the bogus elections (Seriously, how valid is a balloting between only the candidates that Mullah COSD-ola approves?) but the entire bogus governmental system - have one thing in their favor: numbers. They had fear, but that's slowly dissipated as the Regime's reactions show. so all that's left is their superior numbers... against the Regime's guns. And numbers versus guns isn't a game you want to play on the losing side of.

Nor do you want anyone else to have to play it either.

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