Thursday, June 07, 2007

For if the road were easy, your faith would not be needed

Right off the bat, you'll notice that I've been fiddling around with the template tonight... assuming that this is even readable on your 'puter. I've got just the one monitor to test it out with, but I'm really happy with the way the blog's looking now. It seems so much more readable than before - all the way to eleven, as far as I'm concerned. (That is, naturally, subject to change as I have the opportunity to test-drive it on differing sizes of monitors.)

You mileage, of course, may vary. If the blog is just flat-ass broken for anyone, drop me a comment or email, and I'll dial it down a notch.

This all started because of my discovery today of Fred Thompson's exploratory committee's website: I'mWithFred. I tried to put up their donation widget in the sidebar, but it kept hijacking the text and turning it solid black. (which puts readability at around .8 if you must know) So instead of having a massive landslide of cash credited to my wicked communications network, I'll just have to settle for a button and a link.
I haven't really talked much about this weirdly-early start to the campaign, primarily out of apathy towards the current crop of candidates. Fred changes all that in a heartbeat. Can you imagine Fred at the next debate? Hell, he'll rip that wackjob Ron Paul's throat out with his teeth, then piss down his neck... and that's just his scripted introduction! Just wait until he really gets rolling with some questions. No matter who you eventually vote for, that's just good television any way you slice it.

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Blogger Mean Teacher said...

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10:41 PM, June 08, 2007  
Blogger Mean Teacher said...

I'm with you on the apathy regarding Presidential candidates. I don't know this Fred guy yet. Maybe you should write a post about why people should vote for him. You know, give us the scoop.

10:42 PM, June 08, 2007  

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