Monday, November 07, 2005

Tell grandma you fell off the swing

Some people are fucking sick. (and coming from me, that's saying something.)
Investigators acting on a tip took Gonzales into custody Thursday. Police said Gonzales told them he considered her his girlfriend. They said he apparently got upset when he found out she was only 11. Police said the two apparently met last summer.
As my buddy D once said, "All's you need is a good piece a' hickory."

I hate it when chicks lie to me too, R. Kelly-Gonzalez. But still, if you were really pissed about her being so young, you wouldn't have bothered to molest her before you killed her, right? Right?
Regardless, in a gesture of solidarity against lying hoes, I'll be having a charity drive to accept donations of lube or soft cushions. You'll definitely need 'em where you're going, homes.

Or you could be a smart-ass and donate some civillian clothes.


In absolutely unrelated news, this site is fucking cool. Kindof a baby vs. rhino thing... only with better hair.


Anonymous rachy said...

that is absolutely fucking absurd

I... I just can't comprehend such evil sickness, I hope he dies of something near future, something really fucking painful too

10:29 AM, November 11, 2005  

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