Sunday, September 11, 2005

This is just a tribute! You gotta believe me!

I so desperately wish that I could simply observe today solemn and stoicly, like Rachel. However, some people are so desperately wanting to turn everything into a political message that nothing at all is sacred anymore.

After all the controversy surrounding the attempt to install an "International Freedom Center" in the World Trade Center memorial that badmouths America's historical shortcomings, you'd think someone would have thought twice about this. Pointy-headed architect Paul Murdoch wants to memorialize those brave people who briefly fought for their freedom above the skies of Pennsylvania before their plane, United Airlines flight 93, crashed... and if there's room, he might say something nice about the passengers too.

You think I'm kidding? Zombietime doesn't. (This link will piss you off, by the way.)


Blogger coffee and cigarettes said...

that's way too similar to blame a simple oversight.

7:17 AM, September 12, 2005  

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