Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Your words can crush things that are unseen

Looking over the front page here, I've gone off on a rather political bent. Therefore, in order to keep all my reader(sic) from going over to talk about boobies with the Aussies, I should make fun of some athletes or something.

Enter: Jeremy Roenick.

Holy crap, can you come up with a worse thing to say to hockey-deprived fans than "Don't watch. Don't come. We dont' want you." How about a little fucking gratitude for the people that have stood up for the game for over a fucking year while you selfish prigs sat on your asses and got nothing done? You've pissed and moaned about salary caps and how they'll ruin the league, when the blame belongs squarely on your own shoulders.

You want to know where the money that pays your salary really comes from Jeremy? It comes from TV. The TVs that fans watch, and loyally at that. The same fans you're now badgering into not watching. No fans watching means no money for your dumb ass.
The league was in a great position a year ago, with viewership starting to gain momentum. It even looked like the league had fully recovered from the short season a decade ago... but you threw it all away because you didn't want a salary cap. And now what are you signing? A shittier salary cap. Congratulations, you deserve it.

I'm pretty sure any virus problems were on my machine to begin with - click with impunity, my friends!
Those damn kids and their interwebs...


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