Monday, June 20, 2005

Gotta have more chips than a grab bag full of Doritos

Apparently Saddam has the munchies...

His agents hooked people's genitals up to car batteries, and we're the ones running a fucking gulag? Don't even try to spin that shit.

Myself, I blame Hans Blix. The guy's been in Iraq for years now and he can't even find Saddam a fucking Snak Pack? Hussein should be greatful he didn't end up in G'itmo... he'd be in a world of pain if he had to subsist on lemon grilled chicken and rice pilaf.


Saddam's ravenous hunger for that zesty isosceles goodness has forced Coalition troops to start producing Doritos locally, since the butcher of Baghdad can't be bothered to wait for FedEx to deliver daily shipments. To avoid copyright issues, they're going with their own home label.

Image courtesy (i.e. blatantly ripped off) of Che*Mart, a damned funny site in its own right.

Scrappleface also weighs in on this bizarre story here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd also be eating Cheetos like nobody's business if I was desperate to cover up all the blood on my hands. "No no, is not blood of thousands... is just from Cheetos, see?"

And what's with the Beavis dance he made when talking about the ideal wife? Shows what he really thinks about the value of women in society.


1:07 AM, June 27, 2005  

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