Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Deck the halls with advertising, 'tis the time for merchandising!

OK, so the last post wasn't very offensive at all. I aim to make up for that today. In spades.

Thanks to Bernie Hou, I now have knowledge of a website that sells various body fluids that originate from celebrities. In particular, urine. Why anyone would want to buy this, I'm not exactly sure... but there are several celebs listed, and a number of them are noted as having products that are "out of stock." Naturally, that implies that someone is making purchases. I'm sure eBay will be following suit soon enough...

But wait, as Ron Popeil taught us, there's more!

Urine is the most obvious of their products. They also sell skin cells, which is wierd but easier to obtain, I'm sure. (Look ma, it's Gary Busey's hand! Far out!) What sealed the deal for me though, was the A-Number-One product in their line:

Fecal Matter.

Those of you in public school know it as "shit." Yes, for the bargain basement price of $33 you can buy Burt Reynolds's shit. On the other hand, while they claim to be fresh out of Tom Green's shit, I found it on Amazon for ten bucks. Haha, I'm the most frugal poo-buyer there is!

So yes, people sell each other's shit on the internet... just thought you should all know. Enjoy your dinners.


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