Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm gonna shoot through, and leave you

It's SAT time again, kids! Today, we'll be doing some critical thinking problems.

First up, (with a h/t to Michelle Malkin): What happens when you have to define basic terms like, oh, say "marriage," for instance into law? Eventually, someone can come along and legislate a new definition. The same thing goes for Civil Unions, which are essentially "non-marriage" marriages.
Once the legal definitions get edited, you open them up to potentially being anything anyone can possibly think of. Therefore, the argument against homosexual marriage (or civil unions) essentially goes like this: At some point down the road, some fruitbaskets will demand the same "rights" for themselves that were given to homosexuals. If we can change the definition of civil unions (or marriage) to be X, then why not another slight change to include me too? Over time, marriage (or civil unions) go from being 1 man & 1 woman to:
  • 2 men or 2 women
  • 3 or more partners
  • adults and children
  • a person and an animal
  • 18 fire hydrants
  • this guy
  • (insert your own here)

Granted, this is a gradual subtle change that happens over time, and we won't be seeing people and their Volvos registering at Macy's tomorrow... but eventually, it can happen. With that in mind -
The Netherlands took one big step towards "eventually."


In other ridiculous news, (also from Michelle,) I have a question I want to float out into the æther...
Can anyone explain why we would hold hearings on the response to hurricane Katrina, but then fail to ask any questions about the response to hurricane Katrina?
Gov. Blank-hole is one of the primary reasons that the situation in Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, was a disaster. She refused to allow relief agencies to help, she refused to allow federal agencies the leeway they needed to operate efficiently, and when it blew up in her face, she blamed someone else. So what, naturally, should be the result of this colossal display of incompetence? Indictment, or at the least impeachment. Being handed hundreds of billions of dollars to spend as she and her corrupt cronies please.
Huzzah for Congress - you're stupid!

I like Denis Hastert's idea: Bulldoze the whole damn town. Why rebuild the city seven feet below sea level? It's asking to have this happen again - and sooner than we think, now that we're entering the more destructive half of the hurricane cycle.


Die-hard fans of stupid news will also like these groundbreaking stories (courtesy of WSJ's Best of the Web):
Compulsive Shopping Carries a Heavy Price. (No shit... really?)
and from 7th grade science class: Arctic Ice Melts Faster As It Gets Warmer (thanks, Mr. Wizard!)


And once again with the creepy leopard guy.


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